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First Choice Medical Center


Our center is equipped with all the resources and the expertise to handle and treat the nonlife threatening conditions such as acute respiratory problems, allergy, abdominal and urinary complaints, Migraine and headaches, STD’s and many other acute medical conditions

For our patients who suffers from chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, lung diseases, heart diseases, kidney disease or any other medical conditions weprovide top of the line medical services. Our highly qualified and board-certified internists
who have a long experience in treating these medical conditions with the help and co-
operation of the specialists and subspecialists in all medical field


  • Quick in and out. Avoid the hassles and the long wait of the emergency rooms.
  • Quick access to the doctor and the medical provider
  • Quick testing and diagnosis
  • Quick and comprehensive plan of treatment

Primary Care Service

  • Convenient appointment with the primary care doctor
  • Convenient referral to specialists and subspecialists
  • Convenient arrangement of home health care referral for qualified patients

In-House Tests

  • Blood and urine testing:
    Same day testing next day result.
  • Imaging:
    Same day x-ray same day reading, next day report
  • EKG:
    Same day done same day read

Covid 19

  • PCR, result within 45 minute
  • Rapid Test, antigen, result instant

Immigration medical services

  • Easy appointment
  • Quick in and out
  • Reliable and legit form preparation
  • Convenient fee for the service